More than a decade of experience in design, execution and maintenance of websites and portals, as well as custom web based software solutions. This is what I-punto WEB stands for.

HTML5 and CSS3, PHP and MySQL. Thanks to agile development methods, our clients get professional and reliable service. We carry out mobile applications Landing Pages, MVPs, and create cost effective solutions for your IT investments.

We stand out for highest quality products, because customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you want to find out by yourself, call or write us. Keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors.
Isaías Ramírez   Lead Programmer
Frank Meyer-Pfauder   Lead Designer
Atamán Vega   Sales Representative

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We love to dedicate our time to our customers, that's why this page is minimalist, to the point. This way we have more time for you. (+34) 610 689 622
Atamán Vega

HTML5 is the latest and most modern code iteration, but of course we also offer HTML4 to guarantee maximum compatibility if our client wishes so. If HTML5 is the equivalent to a car chassis, CSS3 is its coachwork. It provides shape and color, elegance and attractiveness. It makes your project shine just like you want it to. PHP is a popular and flexible programming language, but we also offer solutions with languages like ASP, Ruby, or C# and Java for local applications. MySQL is our preferred database system because it's agile and flexible, and allows integration into virtually all systems. Of course we also integrate other systems when required. We use software engineering methods based on iterative and incremental development in short time frames, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between our team and the client. Our portfolio ranges from people with small personal homepages to large companies that require comprehensive and large scale portals. We offer products for every need. We know about the importance of an optimized landing page to catch visitors, and offer the perfect solution for people to see what you want to show them. Market testing may require great efforts and investment. We offer methods like the A/B Test to optimize these procedures and minimize financial impact. Thanks to more than four billion mobile devices worldwide, humanity has never been more interconnected. We offer high quality solutions for all kind of mobile devices. Information technologies are the main backbone of any business and large company. We help you integrate the neccesary systems into your work environment. The international standard ISO9001 determines the quality and its management in an organization or activity. At I-punto WEB, we aspire to achieve this standard and fully meet the needs and desires of our customers. Close
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